Reef Summer Camps 2018

The Reef Club has been running camps during summer vacations and holidays for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of beach camps, for example: surfing camp for beginners, pro surfing camps for experienced surfers, extreme camp and a diving camp. We maintain a high level of professionalism in our camps in an enjoyable atmosphere. Besides the training that we provide for our participants, we focus on educating them on the ocean while providing values both theoretical and practical.

Our surfing instructors have a lot of experience in the ocean and in particular are experienced training instructors. They are certified by the Wingate Institute and have Surfing Instructor Certificates.

Besides the instructors we have 2 representatives of the club monitoring the camps during activities in the water, they are on-hand to provide solutions when needed outside the water.

The club has the Ministry of Education approval and meets all relevant standards. The Reef Club is a seaside compound which includes an air conditioned classroom, secured lockers for the students to put their personal equipment, hot and cold showers, prepping areas, a fully staffed office working all the time that there are activities at the club, shaded beach, attending medics, a surfing store with equipment from the leading surfing gear companies in the world – our customers can enjoy fair prices and guidance and advice in purchasing equipment.

Surfing Camp

A five day surfing experience. Each day of the camp is dedicated to a specific program. During the camp the campers will learn all about the world of surfing, beginning with adjusting the equipment and comprehensive training in the use of the equipment (lycra and surfboard), safety in the water and outside the water, learning to surf from the basics until advanced surfing, basic seamanship, teamwork and social interaction, independence and personal responsibility, the importance of protecting the environment and especially the ocean. The surfing camps are suitable for boys and girls aged 7 – 16. Groups will be assigned according to age and level of surfing experience. The training is in groups of 6 trainees to each instructor, while maintaining personal attention to each and every camper. Of course no prior experience is required except that each trainee must know how to swim.

Pro Surfing the Waves

The pro camp like other advanced training camps in the world, has been established to answer the need to give experienced youngsters more experience and knowledge in surfing the waves. Unlike the regular surfing camp, the campers are required to have previous knowledge and experience in surfing and required to come with short surfboards (hard surfboards). During the 5 day camp the campers will learn how to look at the ocean from a professional surfer’s perspective. The camp is comprised of fitness training, balance and coordination for surfing, we will strengthen their ability to cope with falling from the waves and teach them how to hold their breath correctly under the water, practice with the carver (skateboard that simulates surfing), filming surfing practice and interpreting their performances, advanced surfing performance, introduction to competitive surfing in Israel and the world as well as continuous surfing.

Sea Camp

Special activities that we have developed for anyone who wants to experience the ocean in a variety of ocean sports! During the 10 day camp, campers will learn about the ocean like the experienced seamen  and will experience a variety of marine activities: surfing, rowing kyaks, rowing standing surfboards (SAP), free diving with mask and snorkel, guided introductory dive with full diving gear, sailing on our diving boat, seamanship lessons and much more fun and interesting activities. This camp is suitable for 8 – 16 year olds and is divided into 3 groups (8-10, 11-13, 14-16) groups – no larger than 12 campers with 2 instructors – a surfing instructor and a diving instructor certified from the Israeli Diving Federation. No prior experience is required by the campers.

Diving Camp

The diving camp at the Reef is a combination of a diving course and marine study. This camp is a 5 day camp. Campers will participate in a one star diving course and will learn about the world of diving from its foundations. The campers will participate in theoretic and practical diving courses. The first two days of the course will be held at the pool at the Dan Acadia Hotel situated near the club. On the third day the campers will go down to dive in the sea by way of the beach and in the final two days of the course the campers will go out to the deep sea diving from boats. The course consists of steps which give the trainee the ability and confidence to proceed in the course. Upon successfully completing the course, the camper will receive an international license for diving up to a depth of 20 meters. The camp is in collaboration with the Israeli Diving Federation and the instructors are certified diving instructors, most of them ex navy commandos. The camp is from 07:00 – 15:00, Sunday – Thursday. This might change due to ocean conditions. Please check with the club each day

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