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About The Reef Club

The Reef Club was founded in 1996 as a Surf and Dive Club, and quickly became known as a warm and welcoming home to people from all across the country. Over the years, we have certified thousands of divers and surfers of all levels.

The Reef Surf Club introduces thousands of people every year to the world of surfing, with the help of our incredible surfing instructors, many of whom began their own surfing journey here at the Reef.

Our students become instructors at the Israeli Surfing Organization of Wingate, and some have even become part of the professional Israeli competitive surfing unit.

Here at The Reef, we pride ourselves on our tenets – patience in education; professionalism; friendliness; and above all, safety. Our instructors are dedicated to these principles above all else, and this is what creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as a listening ear, to any and all who visit the Club.

We teach surfing, diving, and all sorts of other courses that you can read about on this site, but to truly understand how special The Reef is, you’ll just have to come by and visit!

Some of the courses, activities, and services that we offer:
1. Diving courses for all levels
2. Dive center for certified divers
3. Dive and surf gear rental
4. Surf and Dive tours around the world
5. Dive and Surf Shop
6. Summer Surf Camp for children and teens
7. Surf lessons
8. Sup lessons
9. Surf groups
10. Private seaside events
11. Equipment rental : kayak, surfboards and sup.

The Reef club is open everyday and located next to Dan Accadia hotel in Herzerliya, open everyday !




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