The hobby of paddling and surfing on SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boards is quickly becoming a trend worldwide. This sport picked up followers in Israel due to the ideal water condition, as well as the obvious benefits in a sport that includes fitness, challenge, and loads of fun! SUP surfing is the easiest and most comfortable way to enter the world of water sports.

So how do I do it?

Private Lessons – a full hour in the sea with a one-on-one instructor, either individually, with a partner, or in a group. We provide the student with all of the gear needed for their lesson.

SUP Course – four lessons during which you will learn basic sea safety, standing and paddling techniques, and the correct method to ‘catch’ a wave. By the end of this course, you will be able to go out and paddleboard successfully on your own.

SUP Rental – we offer one-time rentals or a “ticket” of 10 rentals (and a cheaper overall price).

A bit more about SUP and how it all started:

SUP, or Stand Up Paddling, is a sport that was revived in the early 2000’s by some of the biggest names in surfing, like Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama. They rediscovered the fun of paddling a large surfboard while standing, and found that it allowed them to ride deeper waves which were difficult to ride with regular surfboards.

Modern technology led to the creation of lightweight boards shaped specifically for wave surfing, compensating for the boards’ length. Factor in the strong and light carbon frames that allowed for faster paddling, and SUP was reborn.

Although it will never replace “classic” surfing, SUP definitely increases the days and conditions that one can surf in, and provides a refreshing new angle for all sea-going watermen.

Would you like to try an introductory lesson to SUPing?

It isn’t an extreme sport, anyone can paddle, and no special skills or prior knowledge is needed –  so give us a call already!